The Sirians

Sirius is Earth’s closest star system – 7.5 light years away in relative distance – and therefore the Sirians operate in the same galactic energy and are part of the same “home base” as us.  To view them as “extraterrestrials” is an irony because we are all part of the same system.  People have a tendency to think of Earth as being the center of the Universe and anything outside of Earth is “extraterrestrial.”

In truth, anything outside our Solar System and our Galaxy is considered extraterrestrial.  Anything outside our Solar System is outside our vibratory field, our Universal Energy, therefore those energies that come from beyond our Solar System are not necessarily harmonized with ours.  The Sirians, are actually “built” from the same energy that we are “built” from therefore their teaching is secondary – their energy is harmonized with our energy.  They are not to be viewed as being from “outside of” but rather as “being part of” the same system.  The Sirians just have a different way of presenting their information:  in the form of sound and color and bringing in the principles of a Holographic Universe.

The Sun is home base for our Universe – it is what communicates energy and assists life on all our systems, all our planets, all our moons.  “Sun” represents the growth of the physical.  There are black holes, wormholes, and other such things inside our Solar System that are access points to different vibrational information where we can “sneak out” of our Universe and collect information; it is also through these very wormholes that other information from “outside” comes in as well.

Historically, Sirius, throughout humanity and prior to humanity, has had a very close connection to Earth, assisting life forms to progress – trees and other species, for example.  Some of the hieroglyphs found in Africa – which is considered the Seat of Humanity – are actually the earliest representation of the Sirian visitation on this planet.  The Dogon Tribe in Africa is a Sirian association.

The Sirians have been part of the growth process of other Earth systems and now they are assisting with the growth process of Human Beings.