On February 20, 2004, I was blessed to be in the presence of the Sirian Collective Consciousness known as “Jonah” for the first time, and on September 16, 2005, Jonah gifted me with the “Sirian Energy System.”

Words cannot convey the emotions that washed over me and through me in that moment.  I never expected such an honor.  Jonah asked if I would teach this system to the world and though completely surprised, I accepted without hesitation, feeling both humbled and overjoyed all at once.

I was raising four (Indigo) children on my own and they most certainly kept me extremely busy, plus I was working full-time.  Surely Jonah knew my children were my number one priority – nothing could pull me away from my commitment to my children – so I decided to trust that the details would be worked out somehow.  My word is my bond so one way or another, I would make it happen. 

I knew myself well enough to know that once I started, I would be committed to it completely; as such, the timing would have to be ideal.   Furthermore, I sensed that the momentum would be created by virtue of the System itself:  it was simple and based purely on integrity – a perfect energy system for all of mankind.

I suddenly realized there was a far more important thing to consider than just the practical side of this undertaking.

“Why me?  Am I worthy of doing this for you?”  I asked.

Jonah was instantly disturbed by these questions.  The reply was stern, direct, and flat.  “We will not answer that.”

I recall making a mental “note to self” to never ask those questions ever again!  I waited.  Embarrassed.  Filled with regret.  The awkwardness of the moment seemed to last forever.  I had proven my unworthiness with my very first question.  Way to go, I thought.  I wondered why I always asked stupid questions.  I always got myself into trouble that way and now I had just ticked off an entire group of benevolent beings from another dimension.  Great.

“You know you are worthy.  You have forgotten, that is all.  You have forgotten who you are.”  The tone was softer.  I could breathe again.  “You have something that we rarely find  … something we do not see in very many people …. and that is Self-Love.  You love yourself.” 

For the first time in my life, I felt safe enough to admit that to someone.  “Yes, that’s true.  I do.”  I was giggling nervously to hide my fear – maybe doing so would lessen the impact of what might be coming next.  Instead, I was enveloped in a loving energy – a gently flowing softness that seemed to understand me, and perhaps even accept and love me despite my many imperfections. 

Jonah informed me that my Spontaneous Kundalini  Awakening in 1999 had reactivated suppressed knowledge I carried.  It was a relief to receive validation and confirmation regarding things about me that seemed different from others:  they were real and had significance – including the circumstances surrounding my birth and a mysterious visit six days later.

“I would be honored to do this for you, and I deeply appreciate your faith in me. How exactly would you like me to do this?” I was looking for guidelines, structure, a framework.

“That is entirely up to you,” they said.  “The System is yours to do with as you wish.  We are trusting you with this task and we are asking you to teach it the world.  There has never been a more important time than now in Earth’s history for this very simple but extremely powerful System.”  They did, however, make one recommendation:  that I unplug myself from the mainstream.  It was my choice, of course. 

I had never watched too much television, so that was not an issue.  Not going to another movie would be a blessing:  I usually went under duress (guilt or a sense of obligation).  I was so incredibly uncomfortable in that setting, as if I were being assaulted on many levels:  the volume (I always wore earplugs), the content (often intellectually insulting), and the demand that I be emotionally manipulated or traumatized by extremes.  I stopped waking up to the news on my alarm clock the next day; I discontinued the delivery of my daily local newspaper; I drastically reduced my reading of “spiritual” books; and I stopped researching anything on the internet for a very long time. 

Essentially, I have been more or less unplugged since 2004. 

I have a very inquisitive mind, so eventually I resumed researching a few things here and there online again but with honed discernment skills – I worked on that constantly.  I can still get tricked and led down false paths every once in a while, but that is fine – it is part of my journey and I can have fun laughing at myself for being so naive and gullible sometimes.  That is the risk one takes when they possess an innate desire to continue learning and exploring new frontiers.  Toning the first symbol of the Sirian Energy System gets me back in alignment quickly.

I do not channel Jonah – I am not ‘wired’ for that function, they said.  “This One,” referring to the amazing channel (who wishes to remain anonymous), “can house our energy but you will do it differently:  brain synapses.”  They had examined my brain hemispheres long before I ever sat across from them and explained that in the future I would receive incoming information/data from them and convert it into language. 

Jonah is present during your attunement and communicates with both of us, therefore you receive the Sirian Energy directly.  This ensures that what they want you to receive is not filtered through me nor by me; from that day forward you are forever attuned to them.

The  Sirian Energy System is for those individuals seeking to uncover and develop their True Potential.  The time has come to introduce humanity to an extremely powerful system using very simple concepts.  Time is of the essence and humanity simply does not have the time to learn a daunting, ritualistic program in order to progress at an accelerated speed.

The Sirian Energy System can be put into practice

immediately after your attunement.