The Sirian Energy System of Jonah is comprised of seven symbols to which sound vibration, intention, movement and color have been assigned.

 The Sirian Energy System symbols have their own intelligence.

Each symbol carries its own intelligence from a very high perspective.  You integrate the symbols through the attunement process, then you use them and play with them, and they do their own work.

The Symbols bypass the person

because they carry their own intelligence.

Attunement to the first six symbols, or the “Initiates” as Jonah refers to them, occurs in the first session; attunement to the seventh, the “End Game” symbol, occurs in a follow-up session when you are able to handle the energy and have a good understanding of the power and intelligence of the first six symbols.  The seventh symbol is very powerful and your body must first be able to house the energy of the first six to ensure that the energy of the last symbol does not overload your system.

You will be attuned with the energy of each symbol and you will learn how to best use the System in your daily life, ultimately connecting you to YOU.  Each symbol has its own specific dynamic and function and each one will be explained to you fully.

You will learn how the symbols are “energetically drawn” in triplicate form (3, 6, 9 …) during the toning process, an act that ensures you are in receipt of the full and absolute delivery of the specific energy.  Jonah will be present and will assist during the session to ensure you receive this knowledge in a manner that best suits you.

Ultimately, you will be provided with the tools you need to enable you to fully understand who you are and assist you in remembering that which you already know:  you already possess this knowledge; you have simply lost your connection to it.  You will be given the tools during your attunement but you will actually be teaching yourself.

With time, you will adapt to the energy and you will be teaching yourself.

You will learn how to use the tones and corresponding symbols in a manner that suits your needs and those of your loved ones.  As you become increasingly comfortable with housing this new energy, you will recognize the limitless and incredible Being that you are.

You are a creative being and the Sirian Energy System offers you every opportunity to expand exponentially.  You will be attuned  with the energy in the tone of each symbol, and you will learn how to manage it yourself and how best to apply each symbol in your life.

The Sirian Energy System symbols intensify

every process and they accelerate it.

The System will help speed things up – it will make things move quickly and will make some situations more intense. If you are very clear about what you want or what you are trying to accomplish, the System will make your experiences more powerful, smoother, more peaceful, and more joyful.

The best teacher for you is you.  The Sirian Energy System is the tool to assist you with tapping into those places inside yourself that you have attempted to explore before but were unable to delve into completely.  It provides you with an opportunity to get clear on two very important things:

What you think and what you want to create.