Give yourself and those around you a “sonic shake-up” as Jonah likes to refer to their Energy System.

You will find that once you start using the Sirian Energy System that those around you may seem uncomfortable initially, but over time they will look forward to hearing the tones and may even ask you to resume if you stop.  They may say something like, “I notice that I have a better day if I hear you toning, so can you do that for me?”  

You may be surprised at all the positive feedback you receive.

Your attunement to the Sirian Energy System can only be performed by me.  That was made very clear to me by Jonah when they offered it to me in September 2005.

“The System is yours,” they told me.  “There is only be person who will be doing the attunements and that is you.   This One would like you to have our system.”  I did have a discussion with “This One” (I am respectfully maintaining this person’s anonymity) that day and received confirmation.  I was also informed that anyone claiming to have rights to this System would be completely misrepresenting themselves and would not have the blessing, nor the authorization to do so.

I feel compelled to include this information in order to protect you.  The Sirian Energy is not mine, however, I have been instructed to maintain the integrity of the entire system and that is my intention.

Jonah assured me they would always be present for every attunement, every engagement and every event where I would be delivering the System.  I would sense them, hear them, and even see them if I chose to do so.

I asked Jonah if I should charge a fee.  The response was quick.  “Yes, of course there should be a fee.  We understand that you have day-to-day expenses that need to be covered, so yes, you will absolutely charge for the attunements to the System.” 

That out of the way, now I needed to know how much I should charge.  I most certainly did not want to be the one to assign a monetary value to their system.

“Okay … so how much should I charge?”  I asked. 

“That is up to you,” was the reply.  Oh no!  I was speechless.  I did not want to make this decision.  Then unexpectedly, an amount came to me instantly in my mind; somehow I knew exactly how much to charge.

“Oh!  $250.00!”

They smiled.  “Yes.  We were sending that to you.” 

I was thrilled that I had picked up on it so easily, so quickly.  I was already communicating with them telepathically – how fun!

“Excellent value – $250.00 for an attunement to the Sirian Energy.  An attunement will take approximately 2.5 – 3 hours.  That is a fair monetary exchange for your time and energy.” 

And so it is.