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What is the System? We discuss it here!


What is courage? Courage is surrendering yourself, or sacrificing yourself, to your fears. If there wasn’t a fear component, it wouldn’t be called courage, would it? Otherwise, it’s called arrogance. Courage is when people know there’s something to be fearful of but they step forward to spite it. Fear is to bring forward, within you, more feelings of courage –… Read more →


I have been preparing myself for this since September 2005.  I never stop learning and I am always in awe how events happen in my life and their auspicious timing.  The word “attunist” did not actually become part of my vocabulary until 2010 and it has taken me this long to fully integrate the depth and scope of what that… Read more →


This statement may seem contrary to what you have learned in the past but it is Jonah’s perspective: One must be physically healthy in order to start dealing with emotional issues. Once the physical body and the emotional body are more in harmony,  then and only then, can one commence the True Spiritual journey.   You cannot get your spiritual connection… Read more →


In the world of corporate dynamics, there is a word or term that Jonah has an affinity for in describing a problem that people encounter on a regular basis and really fits or applies to karmic endeavors or cosmic consciousness:   externality. Externalities are WASTE – waste of energy, for example.  Externalities that create distraction are waste and pollutants. If you… Read more →

Avoiding Externalities

When I first met Jonah I could hardly wait to finally get as many of my questions answered as possible.  I love learning about topics that intrigue me – I want to know everything.  So for my second appointment I arrived with a folder full of documents I had printed off the internet about the Sirians.  The channeling session began with… Read more →


One very important point Jonah wants you know about the Sirian Energy System is that toning these symbols absolutely and measurably impacts and changes your DNA. “DNA is simply a code within you … that in your body, in your environment, within your natural kingdom … all share almost the exact same structure – truly speaking, with some variance – small.” Isn’t… Read more →

Mastery and Healers

What determines Mastery?   The hallmark of Mastery is when no ego is involved. My biggest concern surrounding Jonah’s Sirian Energy System was not the system itself, but me.  I did not want to be lulled into the trappings of the egoic constructs of fame and fortune and I wondered if I would have the fortitude to hold steadfastly to who… Read more →

Divine Apathy

The Sirian Energy System differs from other systems. In fact, the Sirian Energy System may contradict some of your current beliefs but you will eventually come to understand that the principles are much more beneficial for you and those around you. The following is probably one of the most commonly-held beliefs that is actually creating more disharmony and imbalance for… Read more →

Humor and Perfectionism

One of the things Jonah remarked about one day was the fact that from their perspective, we Humans are very serious. “There is not enough humor on your planet,” they said, and suggested that we needed to lighten up to dissipate the density whenever possible. “When people are learning this System they must have a sense of humor!” Why is… Read more →


From Jonah’s perspective, karma is simply an unresolved issue.  There is a “charge” that remains within you that needs to be acknowledged, addressed and integrated. There is no “getting even”. There is no “payback time”. There is no “balancing the scales” or any other such thing you may have heard during the course of your life.  There is no “good”… Read more →