From Jonah’s perspective, karma is simply an unresolved issue.  There is a “charge” that remains within you that needs to be acknowledged, addressed and integrated. There is no “getting even”. There is no “payback time”. There is no “balancing the scales” or any other such thing you may have heard during the course of your life.  There is no “good”… Read more →


For the record, I don’t know anything about what is on the Internet regarding the Sirians.  I have read a few things out of respect for the kind people who have sent me information but I have never researched any of it to any extent.  I am only familiar with Jonah’s energy and teachings.  I receive the information I am… Read more →

Are you an “Energetic Enabler”?

Are you one of those “nice” people who always justifies other people’s nastiness?  Or makes excuses for their behavior?  Making comments such as, “Oh, she doesn’t know better.”  or “Poor him, he grew up with an abusive mother (or father).” ?  and then, no matter what, you do the “right” thing by sending them “love” when they have just sent… Read more →

Unconditional Love

For some people the concept of “Unconditional Love” is a mystery; they simply do not understand it.  The beauty of his powerful concept is that it can be understood through the act of sharing:  both giving it and receiving it. What does Unconditional Love mean to you? When have you given it? When have you received it? Remember that you… Read more →

The System

The Sirian Energy System is very simple.  It is comprised of seven symbols, each with their own intelligence. It is beautiful; it is simplistic.  If you have ever studied any other activation sequencing systems, you probably know how daunting they are, how complex they are, and how confusing they are. Jonah strongly believes that the most powerful things in life are… Read more →