This statement may seem contrary to what you have learned in the past but it is Jonah’s perspective:

One must be physically healthy in order to start dealing with emotional issues.

Once the physical body and the emotional body are more in harmony,  then and only then, can one commence the True Spiritual journey.   You cannot get your spiritual connection until your physical body can really work its magic because they are intrinsically linked.

The majority of people rush through their spiritual journey and do not truly honor the process. The biggest mistake they make is trying to do everything all at once.  Unfortunately, this generally produces the least desirable result and the person becomes discouraged and ceases all practices for either an extended period of time, or altogether.

Taking an expedited approach to the Sirian Energy System may result in unnecessary frustration and interruption of the natural progression of learning and evolution.  Proceed methodically and mindfully through this journey – it will produce the most positive results. 

People are always in a big rush!   They say things like, “I want to get my spiritual connection and I want it now!”

This is where your ego gets in your way. Do not let your ego control you!

You will be given seven symbols and you will be instructed to start with the first one and not move on to the next symbol until you are ready (which will be explained in your session).

You must fully integrate the energy of one symbol before moving forward to another. This cannot be emphasized enough.

If you find yourself saying, “I am way past this level!” in a short period of time, guess what?  Your ego is already controlling you.

Do not let your ego convince you that you are above or beyond others; that would be the trappings of your ego again.  Accept all that is for what it is and continue on your journey and do not be concerned with the journey of others in comparison to yourself.

It is a human weakness and a trap that will keep you stuck exactly where you are right now and you will not progress.  The energy has to be received and integrated in your due time – not somebody else’s time or egoic time.  You must understand that energy is simple and powerful and that everything is about timing and allowing.  Jonah finds it fascinating that there are people who work out of their egos with respect to this area of study and integration.


There is a very significant difference between arrogance or ego, and KNOWING.

In your journey, you have likely met some of these individuals who inundate you with so much information that you find the entire subject daunting.  This may be an example of ego.  As Jonah says, “That’s not how it works.”

When you meet someone you either like this person or trust this person. You have a natural affinity for someone or you do not. It is that simple.

Jonah cited another interesting example which brought closure for me: a person’s need to express themselves as being “Pleiadian”, “Sirian”, “Andromedan”, or some such group. 

“There is no need to label yourselves in this manner unless ego has taken over,” they said. “If you are an integrated being, you do not even think of categorizing yourself or anybody else – it does not even cross your mind.” 

When I first began encountering this it had struck me as being particularly counterproductive and incongruent: somehow despite our (perceived ?) efforts to create unity we had created yet another way to create separation and division; in this case, using the language associated with spirituality.

Jonah taught me that the need to name things or label things is actually nothing more than a function of the ego.  The ego needs to measure, quantify, analyze, categorize.  Assigning something a label immediately imposes a limit on it, contains it.

Labeling is nonsensical and it comes from ego.

Ego is viral.

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