Mastery and Healers

What determines Mastery?

  The hallmark of Mastery is when no ego is involved.

My biggest concern surrounding Jonah’s Sirian Energy System was not the system itself, but me.  I did not want to be lulled into the trappings of the egoic constructs of fame and fortune and I wondered if I would have the fortitude to hold steadfastly to who I was if the system were to become as popular as I anticipated.

So, I vowed that I would not begin attunements until I was confident I would not cause harm to anyone.  I knew I would need to be as clear as possible otherwise I would taint this system with my own insecurities – they would bleed through – and at the rate I was going, this was going to take a while.  I just seemed to go from one crazy life lesson to another. 

Jonah informed me very early on that I was like the Phoenix:  when I was faced with adversity, I could dive down to the depths of my Soul, face myself, conquer my fears and pain, and rise from the ashes renewed and reborn.  Frankly, I had never given myself that much credit; from my perspective, I just tripped and fell and always managed to get back up on my feet again.  Then off I would go – taking the most convoluted trajectory – to my next calamity – which was inevitable, of course.

From that moment on, however, I could recognize the framework when I found myself completely immersed in chaos yet again.  I could now consciously witness myself going through these metamorphic processes.  I have experienced some of life’s most challenging tragedies and although I did not recognize them as gifts at the time, they were indeed gifts, for without them, I may have never developed the depth of empathy I have today. I do not believe it is possible to be authentically and genuinely present for others if you do not have a personal frame of reference for pain and suffering. Empathy creates safety.

The most liberating moment of my life was when I realized I had no desire for fame nor fortune; what I did want however, was to be of service to others – but doing so from a place of personal power and self-awareness. It was by working through my life experiences that I arrived at this realization with intense clarity. My initial fears had been somewhat distorted: what I had been afraid of all along was losing myself for any reason.

I am not a master of anything, but I do strive for mastery within, without and between every transformative experience.  Pain will come and pain will go. One may choose to live, or One may chose to die; choosing to do nothing is still a choice.

From Jonah’s perspective, Mastery is a state of being – when one becomes part of a group consciousness for the good of All where there is no ego present whatsoever.

One day, Jonah and I were having a very enlightening conversation about energy modalities, and why people – including myself – were suddenly discovering abilities they did not even know they possessed. The conversation turned to one they found most troublesome: there were, they said, well-intentioned individuals on our planet transmuting negative energy into love or positive energy, without possessing a true understanding of the process.  It was a concern for them because doing so without knowledge or mastery inevitably created further problems that could otherwise be avoided.

“Do not transmute energy unless you have achieved Mastery!” they warned.

I understood the teaching loud and clear, yet I found it perplexing then, that everyone I knew who had taken an energy course of some kind was now describing themselves as “a healer.”

“So, what is a healer then?  Can a person heal another?”

No.  That is simply not possible.   It is one’s free will and willingness to heal or change that determines whether a condition will be resolved and integrated.  Healing simply does not happen in any other way.”

I clearly remember what Jonah said:

“Does the practitioner facilitate healing?  Absolutely! Does the practitioner heal anybody?  Absolutely not!”  

 A true Master walks humbly.

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