Divine Apathy

The Sirian Energy System differs from other systems.

In fact, the Sirian Energy System may contradict some of your current beliefs but you will eventually come to understand that the principles are much more beneficial for you and those around you.

The following is probably one of the most commonly-held beliefs that is actually creating more disharmony and imbalance for all of humanity than good.

Many people believe that when someone is sending them negative thoughts or negative energy, the morally- or spiritually-correct response is to transmute that energy into unconditional love and send it back to the individual. 

If you are one of those people, you are an Energetic Enabler. Cease this practice at once and learn to send negative energy right back to the people who send it to you.

You must develop Divine Apathy – it is the energy of God.

Transmuting an individual’s negative thought patterns into unconditional love is the practice of fixing other people’s issues for them.  The “senders” get a “fix” in every sense of the word.  They soon learn that when they send out negative energy to certain people, they feel great.  They may never stop unless they start experiencing the effects of their own negativity.

You work with “what is” and you send it to those responsible.  

Many people are very reluctant to perform this exercise and still believe that the best way to resolve these issues is to transmute the energy into unconditional love and send it back.  The negative senders subconsciously say, “When I sent out that negative energy, a little while later I felt great!”  That’s because the people who transmute the energy, are actually doing the work for these people.  No!  Send their energy back to them!

Jonah warned that we must stop dealing with negative energy sent to us by saying things like, “I send this back in love.”  It is counterproductive and may produce disastrous outcomes.  Please stop doing that!

If you are going to be truly courageous in your life, in the work you do,

send the energy back in the exact form it was sent to you.

You may experience some guilt initially sending people’s negative energy back to them.  If you find yourself saying, “Oh, but I must make it into love.”  No, no, no!  That is the hook!


In order to be Truthful, you must send negative energy back to the sender, you must practice Divine Apathy.

If you are feeling a negative charge, don’t say, “I send this back in love.”  Instead say, “Oops! Not mine! Back at you!” 

Do not transform it.  Doing so enables that person and he or she will suddenly feel better.  And what will they do?  Keep right on sending you negative thoughts, of course!  Why would they change anything?  They like who they are because they usually feel pretty good … especially when they are nasty to you. 

The tragedy of participating in this type of scenario is that you consider yourself to be a nice person – and you are – but you’re always exhausted and feel terrible.  You’re always sick while the people you enable are healthy.

No!  You want to stop this in its tracks.  Send it right back and you can bet that when they receive their own negativity right back they won’t like it. 

That is DISABLING and that is precisely the result you are seeking.

If someone is angry and sending out daggers but receives love in return, the first thing they will think to themselves is, “Wow! That feels really good!  I should do that more often!”

Know this and understand this:
Long-term turmoil and damage is created by being an Energetic Enabler.