Avoiding Externalities

When I first met Jonah I could hardly wait to finally get as many of my questions answered as possible.  I love learning about topics that intrigue me – I want to know everything.  So for my second appointment I arrived with a folder full of documents I had printed off the internet about the Sirians.  The channeling session began with Jonah’s customary, “Indeed, hello to you.”  There was something so delightful about being greeted that way – like you were visiting with your best friend – and to me, they were.

I began reading from the first print-out and when I asked my question and looked up again, Jonah was looking very perplexed.  Confused.  Leaning forward in fact, seemingly as if to hear me clearly.  Still no.  Finally Jonah stopped me. 

“We are not familiar with the origin of this information,” they said, “but we can tell you this – it has nothing to do with us.”

I sure was learning a lot!  Jonah informed me that there were many Sirians at many dimensions.  Perhaps my printouts related to Sirians in the 5th dimension, but they could not confirm that for certain without looking at everything – which we were not about to do. Jonah informed me that some Sirians come to Earth and assume lives as dogs to learn about Planet Earth and humanity that way. How absolutely fascinating that is. I love dogs. They are Man’s Best Friend – no doubt about it. But then again, I absolutely love all flora and fauna – living art forms.

Jonah instructed me to disregard everything I had read and never go on the Internet to learn about them again.  In fact, they suggested I stay off the Internet as much as possible because there was actually very little Truth to be found there.  They took it even further.

Jonah suggested I stop reading printed materials (books, magazines, newspapers). They explained that generally-speaking, the first book (and sometimes the second) produced by an author carried Truth, but subsequent books were often diluted or contained extraneous information.

Then Jonah strongly recommended I stop watching television and listening to the radio altogether.  Luckily for me I rarely watched television, but I did wake up every morning listening to the news to ensure that I was up-to-date on current affairs – I stopped that the very next day. They informed me that “news”  (which is an initialism for north-east-west-south) presented in any medium was not necessarily an accurate view of the real world, and in some places news reporting was intentionally manipulative and extremely biased – especially for my “neighbors to the south”.  I weaned myself off almost everything over time and have been more or less unplugged since.

Jonah wanted me to develop and trust my own Internal Radionics to the point where I would be much more able to discern Truth from fiction. Later, I would teach this technique to others, they said.

Go within to find Truth, for that is where it exists.

When you think about it, why would we want to watch, read and learn about someone else’s perspective of our world?  It doesn’t make any sense does it?  Why would we want to see our world through someone else’s filter?  What we really need is to have our own experiences and observe them from our own perspective.

The Sirian Energy System gets you to your own Truth directly, without externalities.

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