The Sirian Energy System of Jonah

It is natural to want to know the point of conception of things, and it is of particular importance when being introduced to an energy system for the first time.  In fact, it is your responsibility to fully research and investigate different approaches and modalities.  Knowing where something comes from, feeling the energy, and having that clarity gives you a true understanding and a protective essence.

The Sirian Energy System of Jonah, as the name suggests, originates from the constellation Sirius. Jonah is the name chosen by a Collective Consciousness from a very high dimension whose purpose is to assist humanity at this time.

The Sirian Energy System is based on assistance.  Jonah is here in servitude to bring humanity to where it should be (or more accurately, to bring those individuals that choose to be where humanity should be) and to assist them to reach their True Potential.  They are here to assist us in finding the way to access what we have inside ourselves that is latent and “unactivated.”  Their purpose here is to bring us tools to assist us in our growth.

When you look at the conceptual energy of Sirian Energy, it is to assist in growth – spiritual growth, emotional growth – the growth of your Being to its Truest level and form.  That is the intention.

That is the energy of the Sirian Energy System: 

a tool to prepare growth and to assist growth.

By choosing to be attuned to the Sirian Energy System you will raise your frequency, increase your awareness, and experience positive changes in your life in an expedited manner.

The purpose of the Sirian Energy System is to get people out of their fear.  You must see yourself as the orchestra director of a beautiful piece of music – somebody has written it, but you have to play it.

Jonah has indicated there has never been a more urgent point in time as now to activate and align ourselves.  This is why they have created and have chosen to teach humanity their System.

There is no other time.  Now is the time.