The Simplicity of the Sirian Energy System


The Sirian Energy System is designed to assist those individuals already grounded to Earth, or Gaia, to access, contain, and activate the energies in their bodies so that they can go “beyond the physical.”  Sirians by nature are very grounded and blend with Gaia’s energy.


The world is being bombarded with harshness and fracturing.   We are living in a world that has been, and continues to be bombarded by negativity, harshness, and victimization.  Sirian Energy, in the midst of all this, really has to be like “music to the ears”, to the soul and to the body.   It must be smooth, with no harshness.


The Sirian Energy System fits in amidst all the chaos.


The Sirian Energy System is a very simplistic system – the only elements involved are sound vibration, intention, movement, and color.  It is beautiful; it is simplistic.  If you have ever studied any other activation sequencing systems, you probably know how daunting they are, how complex they are, and how confusing they are.


The path to Light and Truth is SIMPLE!

You will not likely find a more simplistic system than the Sirian Energy System.


Using your thinking faculties is not recommended when using the Sirian Energy System!   Some people believe that unless a system is complicated, extensive and requires years of study, it has no intrinsic value.  Some people believe that there must be intermediaries because they are not worthy to connect to Source directly, or they are not intelligent enough or evolved enough to have a direct link to Source.


You are of God and the God Force is within you –

you do not have to go anywhere but within.