Protecting the Sirian Energy System Symbols


The protection of the Sirian Energy System and its symbols is a very high priority for the Sirians. This take us to the importance of symbols historically, and language at the present time.


Words create reality.


Interestingly, words are being lost in our society.  Everything is abbreviated – they mean nothing.  Language is constantly being lost.


The loss of language makes people lose their identity.  They lose their ability to communicate effectively which turns them into drones.


Language, like symbols through history, is a form of communication.


Symbols, classically, are powerful because they do not carry a single word.  (A single word is like the word “love”.)


Symbols carry a signature that bypasses real language and has a deep connotation, an intention, an imprint.  There really are no words to explain what symbology is – even the Sirians do not have verbiage to clearly describe and define it in its truest sense.


A perfect example of symbology with an unfortunate outcome is the Swastika:  a beautiful, powerful, Phoenician symbol whose meaning was manipulated in the last century.   Unfortunately, the symbol was somewhat abandoned and consequently others came along and assigned another energy imprint to it because there were no ambassadors caretaking it.


The interesting thing about the Swastika in particular, is that it is people’s fears that give that manipulation the power it holds.  If you look at something and have a reaction that is fear-based, that is the energy imprint that the symbol absorbs.  


The Swastika is now forever lost.  It will not, in this conscious lifetime, ever revert back to its original beautiful Phoenician energy imprint.


This is why the Sirians have chosen symbols that cannot be bastardized, and will not be bastardized.  They still govern these symbols and are the constant caretakers of their Symbols and their System.


The Sirians have asked me to be an ambassador of their System on Earth at this time.  It is an honor and a privilege that I take very seriously and I will protect the symbols from misuse or misinterpretation always.