The Sirians Are From the Dog Star


This story definitely belongs under this “Sirian Teachings” heading.  I hope my lesson will be your lesson and that you will take their advice!


In 2010, it was brought to my attention that there was a gentleman in the United States who was publicizing that he had Feline Sirian beings appearing on his property and even provided pictures.  I thought this was very interesting, so I actually went to the location to see these beings for myself.  It made absolutely no sense to me that the Sirians were appearing as feline beings when, from what I understood, they were from the Dog Star.  I just had to see this for myself.


One evening I asked the owner about these beings and he told me where they had been appearing on his property and suggested that I go and sit in that area and meditate quietly and hopefully they would appear to me. 


I never did see any of these feline beings, nor sense them whatsoever, but that was fine … just because I wanted to see them didn’t mean they’d show up just for me, and in a time frame that happened to be convenient for me.  I had no problem with that.  Nevertheless, I was more determined than ever to find out once and for all how this could even be possible in the first place. 


Who better to tell me the Truth than the Sirians themselves?


I related my account of this information and my personal experience of being on site waiting for and trying to commune with these Feline Sirian beings.  When I finished the story, I asked them the big question:


“So … am I crazy or is it actually possible that there are Feline Sirian beings?” 


I will never forgot their response. 


“We are Sirian,” they said.  “We are from Sirius – the Dog Star.  Why would we possibly have anything to do with CATS?”   The tone seemed to be one of irritation perhaps, but disgust mostly, as if the question was simply ridiculous.  Of course, they immediately recognized the humor in the question and began to chuckle.


“What do you think?” they asked.  I was already laughing – the whole thing really did seem absolutely ridiculous!


“Well, it sure didn’t make any sense to me … but I guess I needed to hear it from you directly.”  I was satisfied that my suspicions and my logic had been right in the first place and was ready to move on to another topic.  They had another plan in mind.


“So you knew the Truth but you doubted yourself ONCE AGAIN,”  they started.  Ouch!  (They knew me so well!)


“Trust your intuition!” they repeated to me for the umpteenth time.


“You are very good at discerning what is Truth and what is not, hands-down, and then you go into self-doubt and believe others instead of yourself.  You must learn to trust your first thought because it is always the TRUTH.  Stop doubting yourself!  This is yet another example of you not following your own Guidance System.”  


It was truly a “Smarten up!” discussion we were having that day … and suffice it to say, this is a lesson I have never forgotten.


I hope you will not wait for your Sirian Energy attunement to start trusting your own intuition without allowing self-doubt to creep in and change what you already know to be the Truth.  


Always follow your own Internal Guidance System

and learn to trust your intuition!