One of the things that the Sirians said to me once was that they found we Humans to be very serious.  They understand that Earth is a very dense and heavy planet but they still remarked about it.


“There is not enough humor on your planet,” they said.  We need to lighten up to dissipate the density whenever possible.


When people are learning this System they must have a sense of humor!




Because when you start toning these symbols, your voice is going to crack and pitch and go off in all sorts of directions.  This happens as part of the release process and you must understand that this is a new energy that you are introducing to your body and it is going to take time for your vocal demonstration to be comfortable in housing the energy.


The Sirians have told me to tell everyone that you must learn to laugh at yourself again, or for the first time if you have been a very serious person all your life and could never find any humor in making mistakes and being less than perfect.  None of us are perfect so let that go!



And that’s actually the most valuable aspect of the Sirian Energy System –

you can’t make any mistakes because the symbols

have their own intelligence and do all the work for you!



I can tell you that the Sirians I communicate with have an excellent sense of humor!  They crack jokes, tease, are extremely witty, but always so that you can see the lighter side of what they are teaching you at that particular moment in time.


Never miss an opportunity to bring joy and laughter into your life – it changes the energy around you and positively affects everyone around you as well.  You have control of that at all times.  Even a simple smile to yourself or to someone else uplifts the spirit.


Think of something or someone that makes you smile and pay attention to how you feel all of a sudden.  Notice how your body reacts to that thought.  Notice how tension leaves your body – even if only for a moment.


It’s so SIMPLE and so powerful!