Avoiding Extranalities


When I first met the Sirians, I couldn’t wait to discuss every single thing I had researched and printed off the Internet about them!  I was like a sponge – I wanted to know everything.


The last thing I expected them to say to me was, “We have no idea about this information,” looking at me completely puzzled!


I had been proudly reading from my print-outs aloud; they had been frowning and leaning forward as if doing so would assure them that they were hearing what I was actually saying correctly.


I stopped.


‘Did I hear that right?’  I wondered.  How could that even be possible?   I assured myself that I had not heard them correctly – yes, that had to be it – but before I could resume reading however, they were already shaking their head “no”.   Okay … now I really was completely confused!  Maybe there was more than one star system named Sirius?  I was trying to wrap my head around the responses and the reactions I was getting.


“We are not familiar with the origin of this information, but we can tell you this:  It has nothing to do with us.”  They actually seemed to find the information quite perplexing.  They explained that perhaps it related to their people at the lower dimensions, such as the 5th for example, but stated very matter-of-factually that it most certainly did not apply to them.


I sure was learning a lot!


My instructions were to discard everything that I had read and everything that I had printed, and to never go on the Internet to learn about them again.  In fact, they suggested that I stay off the Internet as much as possible because there was actually very little Truth to be found there.


They took it even further.


They also suggested that I stop reading printed materials (books, magazines, newspapers) and then strongly recommended that I stop watching television and listening to the radio altogether as well.


Luckily for me I rarely watched television but I did wake up every morning listening to the news so that I would be aware of the events happening in my world and to ensure that I was on top of the current affairs.  But not read books and stay off the Internet?  Now that would be a sacrifice!


Naturally, I needed to know why I would want to follow any of their suggestions.  As it turned out there were actually quite a few reasons!


They explained that generally-speaking (but most certainly not always), the first book (and often the second one) that an author writes is usually based in Truth; subsequent books often become diluted or have extraneous information.


They advised me that “news” reporting in any medium was not necessarily an accurate view of the real world and that in some places news reporting was intentionally manipulative and extremely biased, especially for my “neighbors to the south”.  After a relatively brief discussion, they did suggest that being aware of what was happening in the world was prudent  – it was, after all, far better to be prepared rather than be caught off-guard by natural or orchestrated events.


They wanted me to develop and trust my own Internal Radionics to the point where I would be much more able to discern truth from untruth by myself, and for myself, more often than not.  I would later teach this technique to others, they said.


But more important than anything else, the Sirians wanted me to go within to find Truth, for that is where it exists.


I have to admit that it took me a while to wean myself from reading information-based books; I had already stopped reading newspapers (magazines had never particularly interested me) and I had no problem waking up to a nice soft melody from my cell phone instead of fear-based news reporting.


The Sirians’ suggestions made perfect sense.


When you think about it, why would you want to watch and read and learn about someone else’s perspective of your world when what you really need to do is experience your own perspective?  Why would you want to see your world through someone else’s filter?


This is the case for each and every one of us:  We are all here to learn our own Truth.


The Sirian Energy System gets you to your own Truth directly,

without extranalities.