Their System and Your World


In the world of corporate dynamics, there is a word or term that the Sirians have an affinity for in describing a problem that people encounter on a regular basis and really fits or applies to karmic endeavors or cosmic consciousness:   Extranalities.


Extranalities are WASTE – waste of energy, for example.


Extranalities that create distraction are waste and pollutants.


If you do research on the word, “extranalities” you will have a clear understanding of how it applies to the spiritual realm.  It will really ground your knowing of exactly what you are encountering with so-called “enlightened” people who represent themselves as teachers and the only role they really play in your life is to serve as a distraction, taking you away from everything.  


These people or events are toxic.  Toxic waste.


Unfortunately, many people have had negative experiences with the charlatans of the world.  These are individuals who offer you teachings on this subject matter and that subject matter.  Generally-speaking there is ego involved and you are often made to feel that you are “lesser than” perhaps, and that lucky for you, you met them!  They lead people to believe that they possess all the wisdom and knowledge you will ever require in order to reach a certain plateau in your ascension process, or some such thing.  Some lead people to believe that they could not progress spiritually without them!  They create a dependency and a following.


Often you are given so much information you are overwhelmed and feel defeated before you even start!  There are often charts and calculations or other “facts.”


That is linear thinking; it is an intellectual, nonsensical approach

to smooth, circular development.


There are individuals on this planet who truly are here to assist humanity and it is important you learn to trust your own intuition.


You are all being tested, all the time.


You, and only you, must navigate yourself through this journey and it is important that you discern people, events or things as valuable, or whether they are just another extranality.  You must learn to recognize when other people’s value systems or belief systems are a waste to you, and when your involvement will only serve as yet another distraction in your life.


The Sirian Energy System has no extranalities.


This System creates pure sustainability on every level.  There is no waste!  It is an example of something that is connected to the microcosm and the macrocosm of the Universe.


Anything that is made Truly of God produces no waste.  All energy is re-harnessed and re-used.  It is re-incarnated.


Gaia is a manifestation of Gods’ energy in physical form.  Anything that is connected to Gaia and God is beautiful. Our beautiful planet is a tangible construct of God’s work; she creates no waste.  It is perfectly cyclical – full circle of start and end.


And that is what this body of work is all about. 


Now we must look at how to properly utilize Sirian Energy in this given construct, at this particular time.  This is how you know what is of value and what is not. 


Let this be your barometer.