What determines Mastery?


  The hallmark of Mastery is when no ego is involved.


On one particular day I asked the Sirians if they would answer a few questions about energy modalities that people were learning at workshops all around the world.  I had many friends attending various classes, and they would now be certified practitioners of one particular modality or another, some acquiring many different certificates, achieving different levels of competence over time.  Eventually, we began discussing some of the abilities I suddenly seemed to possess despite the fact that I had not taken a single class of any kind.  I will only mention the ones that I was particularly focused on at that time.


I described how I could hear imbalances and blockages in peoples’ bodies in the form of pitches and frequencies and how I could move energy within their bodies to bring them back into balance or alignment without touching them.  All I did was place my hands over the person’s body and they would automatically glide along the body to the area in or on the body that required attention.  My hands hovered, suspended by themselves in the air, being held up by unseen forces, sometimes very close to the body, sometimes far away.  I could determine the degree of severity of a person’s health situation by the intensity and volume of those pitches and tones and frequencies.


I have had above-average hearing since childhood and certain sounds make me terribly uncomfortable to the point where I have to cover my ears to tone down the intensity – and where there are quick pressure changes such as doors slamming on a vehicle, the discomfort is even worse.  The sound itself is bad enough, but the pressure changes make it much worse – like there is an explosion being detonated right by my head.


I was finally beginning to understand why I had had such sensitive hearing all my life and that I had been instinctively protecting it because it was going to serve a great purpose later in my life.  I protect my hearing now more than ever as it seems to be more sensitive than ever.


I told the Sirians that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing yet somehow I felt compelled to “work on people” for some reason.  I added that I seemed to be particularly attracted to working on people’s brains – as if by focusing on that part of the body I was rewiring short-circuits or misfires, which would ultimately retrain the body to return to a healthy state.  I could see the “wiring” in my mind and I seemed to know how to rearrange and reconnect these wires where they were “broken” or not wired correctly.  Of course, the pitches and frequencies occur during this process as well.  I was receiving wonderful feedback from the people I worked with.  The word “neurotransmitters” was always on my mind as I worked.


I informed them that it seemed to me that I merely had to think of a person and I would know what was happening in their body no matter where they were in the world.  Often I could see the past-life or present-life associations that related to why they were afflicted with a particular condition.  Sometimes the images made absolutely no sense to me but made perfect sense to the person.


I knew what people were thinking before they spoke and I was amazed at my accuracy rate.  I knew when people were thinking of me because they would cross my mind briefly and within short periods of time I would hear from them by phone, text messages or by email messages.


I seemed to know those instances when what a person was saying and what they truly felt about the particular matter were not in harmony.   I learned that when I would suggest that perhaps what the person was saying to me was not necessarily a true representation of their view of the situation, they would usually become very upset and accuse me of not knowing what I was talking about.  This was especially true with those nearest and dearest to me and whom I loved very much.  Inevitably, the truth would surface – sometimes within a very short period of time, sometimes many years later.


Do you see how being attuned to Sirian Energy can change your life?


The Sirians were very generous with their advice and insights about all of the above and encouraged me to never stop meditating and never stop the process that was taking place – the reactivation of gifts that I had possessed in other lifetimes that I had mastered to a much higher degree of expertise – and to simply allow everything to unfold naturally.


They also instructed me to not concern myself with what I was doing – but to just do it!  Needing to know what I was doing, they explained, was my ego trying to make sense of something that did not require explanations.  They told me to just simply allow it to happen and then be done with it and not give it a second thought.  They did not want my ego interfering whatsoever.


You also possess amazing gifts that need only be reactivated.

  The Sirian Energy System will assist you with this process – and it’s so simple!


The Sirians did continue our discussion by expressing their views with regard to something that was very peculiar to them.  It was kind of an, “While we’re at it ….” addendum. 


There are two words that energy practitioners use all over the world but they do not make sense to the Sirians.


One of the words was “Master” and the casual way it is used in relation to one particular energy modality.


Referring to oneself as a master when ego is still very active and operating within one’s personality does not make sense to the Sirians.  From their perspective, Mastery is a state of being – when one becomes part of a group consciousness for the good of all where there is no ego present whatsoever.


The Sirians were especially concerned that there are people on our planet transmuting negative energy into love or positive energy with so-called good intentions when they do not yet have a true understanding of what a mess that can be created by doing so unwittingly.  They wanted me to tell people the following:





The other word is “Healer”  – when energy practitioners refer to themselves as “Healers”.


The point they wanted to stress was that one person cannot heal another person.  That is simply not possible.   It is one’s free will and willingness to heal or change that determines whether a condition will be resolved and integrated.  Healing simply does not happen in any other way.  I clearly remember what they said:


“Does the practitioner facilitate healing?  Absolutely!   Does the practitioner heal anybody?  Absolutely not!”  


They ended our discussion by saying:


“A true Master walks humbly.”