Their System and Your DNA


One very important point the Sirians want to you understand about the Sirian Energy System is that toning these symbols absolutely and measurably impacts and changes your DNA.  The subject is far too vast to discuss here but the Sirians do want me to share this with you at this time:


“DNA is simply a code within you … that in your body, in your environment, within your natural kingdom … all share almost the exact same structure – truly speaking, with some variance – small.”


Isn’t that interesting?


“If you look at a mouse or a monkey … animals … and some plants, too, it’s almost the same exact thing with small variations.


It is a work of art.


DNA is a communication system.  It’s a code.  It’s a linkage system.

It gives you structure, a vehicle – the form, the body.





And it gets out of balance, ultimately. 


Your DNA gets influenced by toxins of all kinds of shapes and sizes, environmental factors, and emotional factors, for example, that will change the DNA to carry a different code, which leaves your system not operating optimally.  


Consider the Fibonacci Sequence.


When you see something that is perfectly symmetrical, you know that its DNA is correct.  When you see perfect symmetry in the natural kingdom, it is utilizing that Fibonacci Sequence.  That Sequence will bring DNA back into alignment.  That Fibonacci Sequence brings things back into symmetry, into balance.”


The Sirian Energy System will bring you back into balance.