Sirian Energy Re-Therapy


Starting in 1999 and 2000, I became aware of the fact that I was developing skills that seemed to be evolving all on their own, with little or no effort on my part.  I discussed these changes with the Sirians in February 2004 and was informed that the Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening that I had experienced in 1999 had activated all my new sensory perceptions.


I described how I could hear imbalances and blockages in peoples’ bodies in the form of pitches and frequencies and how I could move energy within their bodies to bring them back into balance or alignment without touching them. 


All I did was place my hands over the person’s body and they would automatically glide above the body to the area in or on the body and/or fields that required attention.  My hands hovered, suspended by themselves in the air, being held up by unseen forces, sometimes very close to the body, sometimes far away.  I could determine the degree of severity of a person’s health situation by the intensity and volume of those pitches and tones and frequencies.


I have had above-average hearing since childhood and certain sounds make me terribly uncomfortable to the point where I have to cover my ears to tone down the intensity – and where there are quick pressure changes such as doors slamming on a vehicle, the discomfort is even worse.  The sound itself is bad enough, but the pressure changes make it much worse – like there is an explosion being detonated right by my head.


I was finally beginning to understand why I had had such sensitive hearing all my life and that I had been instinctively protecting it because it was going to serve a great purpose later in my life.  I protect my hearing now more than ever as it seems to be more sensitive than ever.


I told the Sirians that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing yet somehow I felt compelled to “work on people” for some reason.  I added that I seemed to be particularly attracted to working on people’s brains – as if by focusing on that part of the body I was rewiring short-circuits or misfires, which would ultimately retrain the body to return to a healthy state. 


I could see the “wiring” in my mind and I seemed to know how to rearrange and reconnect these wires where they were “broken” or not wired correctly.  Of course, the pitches and frequencies occur during this process as well.  I was receiving wonderful feedback from the people I worked with.


As usual, the Sirians responded with another affirmative statement.  They suggested that perhaps I actually did know what I was doing, I just didn’t realize it … yet.  Once again, they instructed me to stop thinking about what I was doing, and just do it.  The ego tries to figure things out – that is linear thinking.


So I was not supposed to think and analyze things?


That is very difficult to do when you have spent your entire life analyzing everything you have ever seen, encountered, or experienced.   I had always done that – it was who I had always been.  I felt that I would be giving up that part of myself that had kept me safe and actively living this life.  It only occurred to me later that I had been switching to more quantum and circular thinking all along!


I informed my teachers that it seemed to me that I merely had to think of a person and I would know what was happening in their body no matter where they were in the world.  Often I could see the past-life or present-life associations that related to why they were afflicted with a particular condition.  Sometimes the images made absolutely no sense to me but made perfect sense to the person.


I seemed to know those instances when what a person was saying and what they truly felt about the particular matter were not in harmony.   I learned that when I would suggest that perhaps what the person was saying to me was not necessarily a true representation of their view of the situation, they would usually become very upset and accuse me of not knowing what I was talking about.  This was especially true with those nearest and dearest to me and whom I loved very much.  Inevitably, the truth would surface – sometimes within a very short period of time, sometimes many years later.


I eventually put all of these skills together and created what I now refer to as

“Sirian Energy Re-Therapy”.


Do you see how being attuned to Sirian Energy can change your life?