Internal Radionics


During your attunement, you will learn how to use your own Internal Radionics System in connection with the Sirian Energy System.  It is extremely important that you use your Internal Radionics to guide you; it makes everything much easier and Absolute. 


People have a tendency to work out of their brain-thinking processes and this will almost guarantee the creation of a big kafuffle, big drama.  As you become more and more proficient with the Internal Radionics and Sirian Energy systems, you will become consciously aware of a shift from linear thinking to something much more accurate and dynamic to govern or propel you through life.  Your awareness senses will become heightened like never before in your life. 


All matters of the Sirian Energy System are absolute when using your Internal Radionics because the two systems are inhinged.


The Sirians want us to TRUST our own internal guidance system – no matter what the issue

and that is precisely what the Internal Radionics System puts into action.