The Attunist


I have been preparing myself for this since September 2005.  I never stop learning and I am always in awe of how events happen in my life and their auspicious timing.


The word “Attunist” did not actually become part of my vocabulary until 2010 and it has taken me this long to fully integrate the depth and scope of what that title really means in terms of my role with the Sirian Energy System. 


“How should I refer to myself?” I had asked my new Sirian friends.


“That is up to you,” was the calm reply – a slight smile forming. 


“How will I let people know about the System?  If I am to give out business cards, I need a title, don’t I?  What am I exactly?” 


“We will leave that to you to decide,” The Sirians are very peaceful and have an amazing sense of humor.


“How will I tell people about the System?  Should I create a website?  If I create a website, I still need to refer to myself somehow, don’t I?”  I persisted.


“That is also up to you.”  


No matter what I asked, no matter how I asked it, everything was always entirely up to me.   The Sirians take this free-will concept very seriously! 


One day, the word “Attunist” was softly, gently whispered to me telepathically … when I least expected it.  I have referred to myself as being an attunist since.


I am the Attunist of the Sirian Energy System and I look forward to meeting you and attuning you to the Sirian Energy.


I thank you for the opportunity to be of service on your path to Expedited Enlightenment.


And I thank you, on behalf of the Sirians, for sharing your energy with them.  The Sirians have great respect and reverence for all things and especially for each and every one of us on the planet.