The System

The Sirian Energy System is very simple.  It is comprised of seven symbols, each with their own intelligence. It is beautiful; it is simplistic.  If you have ever studied any other activation sequencing systems, you probably know how daunting they are, how complex they are, and how confusing they are.

The Sirians strongly believe that the most powerful things in life are the simplest.  They do not believe that the only way to enlightenment is via complicated concepts and complex formulas.  They do not believe that you must follow this step then that step, do all sorts of calculations, and memorize doctrine and verse and other reams and reams of information.  Not at all!  In fact, they believe the exact opposite – that doing the former actually paralyzes people, convincing them that they simply are not smart enough or worthy enough to access higher thought and information.

The Sirians have made their system simple and uncomplicated so that EVERYONE can accelerate their development at their own pace and on their own terms.

Just remember that nobody can do this for you – YOU must do it for YOU.




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