Internet Information About the Sirians

For the record, I don’t know anything about what is on the Internet regarding the Sirians.  I have read a few things out of respect for the kind people who have sent me information but I have never researched any of it to any extent.  The truth is I do not really resonate with any of it and I find it virtually impossible to keep reading after the first few sentences.

I am not saying that other information is not based on truth; I cannot make such a statement, not having read or done any research.  I only know about the 21st Dimensional Sirians who have entrusted me with their system, and even then, I only receive information that I am meant to know and nothing more.  

That is why if you ask me a question about something that is on the Internet, my answer will usually be, “I have no idea about that.”  and it is also why if you ask me a question about the Sirians I work with, I may respond with exactly the same answer.

I believe the reason for this is because the Sirians want me to focus on the attunements.  They have taught me that the need for details or information about the minutia, is often nothing more than the workings of the ego.

They keep stressing to look inwards for answers, not outside ourselves for answers.

Truth is within.




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