Are you an “Energetic Enabler”?

Are you one of those “nice” people who always justifies other people’s nastiness?  Or makes excuses for their behavior?  Making comments such as, “Oh, she doesn’t know better.”  or “Poor him, he grew up with an abusive mother (or father).” ?  and then, no matter what, you do the “right” thing by sending them “love” when they have just sent you daggers and darts?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, then believe it or not, you are actually contributing to the decline of how we humans treat each other.

How are you doing that?  By making people feel good when they make other people feel bad!

There is nothing wrong with sending Unconditional Love to people who are struggling or are hurting – those people need to feel love and support.  It’s when we send love to those people who have fun hurting others that we perpetuate a growing problem.

Send their nasty negativity back to them!  When they stop feeling a “high” and actually start feeling a “low” after being nasty to someone, then and only then are they are going to stop their behavior.  Don’t be mean to them, simply mentally say something like, “That’s not mine – that’s yours. I am sending that right back to you.”  Visualize the negativity returning to them and then do not give the matter a second thought.

It’s simple.   It’s effective.   It works.

Try it and then let the Universe take over from there.

If you get caught up in “pay-back” or “justice” then you are enmeshed with this person and things may become sticky and yucky for you.  Leave it alone and focus on yourself.  Go within to find that inner peace for YOU around the issue.  Let the other party figure out their own stuff.  Trust and believe that they have the ability to figure it out for themselves and then do not focus on whether they will or will not figure it out – leave the matter behind you.  These negative, abusive types will never learn how to raise their own vibration if you keep doing it for them.

Will a child ever learn how to tie his/her own laces if you keep doing that for them?

These people are capable of figuring things out; they operate within the same Universal Laws and Principles that you do.  You don’t have access to any special information or big secrets that they don’t have access to themselves.  We are all equal and the information is available to each and every one of us … ALL THE TIME.




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