Why Me?

In September 2005, the Sirians asked me to present their Energy System to the world. 

I felt incredibly honored to have been entrusted with such a task but at the same time I felt overwhelmed at the thought of what a huge undertaking it would be and what it would involve! 

I was raising four children on my own which kept me extremely busy.  I was working full-time.  How could I possibly add something like this to my already-full plate?  This was a commitment that I would have to see through once it began.

Then I started visualizing how it actually could be possible.  After all, the momentum would be created by virtue of the System itself.  It was simple and based purely on integrity.  A perfect energy system for all of mankind.

Furthermore, if the Sirians believed I could do it, why would I even entertain thoughts that it could not be done, or that I couldn’t possibly incorporate something like this into my life?  I would also be incorporating this body of work into the lives of my children, who were absolutely the number one priority in my life. 

That out of the way, I suddenly realized that there was a far more important thing to consider than the practical side of the request.  I had to ask two very important questions.

My first question was, “Why me? ” and my follow-up question was, “Am I worthy of doing this for you?”

They were instantly disturbed by these questions.  Their reply was sharp and deliberate.  “We will not answer that,” they stated flatly and directly. 

I recall making a mental “note to self” to never ask that question ever again!  I waited.  Embarrassed.  The awkwardness of the moment seemed to last forever.

“You know you are worthy.  You have forgotten, that is all.  You have forgotten who you are.”  The tone was softer.  I could breathe again.  “You have something we do not see in very many people.  You love yourself.”  For the first time in my life, I felt safe enough to admit that to someone.  “Yes, that’s true.  I do.”

Was this really happening? 

“I would be honored to do this for you, and I deeply appreciate your faith in me. How exactly would you like me to do this?” I asked.

“That is entirely up to you,” they said.  “The System is yours to do with as you wish.  We are trusting you with this task and we are asking you to teach it the world.  There has never been a more important time than now in Earth’s history for this very simple but extremely powerful System.”

I do not channel the Sirians – they are actually present during your attunement and communicate with both of us.  They do not “step-down” their energy in order to be channeled through me – you receive the Sirian Energy directly from them.  This ensures that what they want you to receive is not filtered through me nor by me.

The Sirians have entrusted me with ensuring that the Sirian Energy System is correctly and accurately delivered to those individuals seeking to uncover and develop their True Potential.  The time has come to introduce humanity to an extremely powerful system using very simple concepts.  Time is of the essence and humanity simply does not have the time to learn a daunting, ritualistic program in order to progress at an accelerated speed.

The Sirian Energy System can be put into practice

immediately after your attunement.